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Questions often asked by potential customers

Q. I see that you are a little more expensive than some of the other builders we have approached, why is this?

A. In every line of business, there is a status quo, a norm around which the majority of contractors operate. Their way of doing business is to always keep their eye on the competition, trying to match them as closely as possible in price and service. For reasons of economy or neglect, you will always find competitors who provide products and service that fall well below the norm. On the other end of the scale one hopes to find a contractor that does not look at the competition but rather looks at the customer and concern themselves with what the customer desires and expects.

Our goal is to provide a personalized service with an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction.

In order to do this we employ first-class tradesmen and offer a first class service. The bottom line is that we are committed to providing our clients with a job to be proud of and this takes an investment in the best tradesmen and back-up service that few of our competitors are capable of matching. It sometimes means we have to charge a little more for our services, but do you want anything less?

Q. We have heard many horror stories about cowboy builders, and builders leaving jobs half complete or even going out of business. Why should we use Casa Completa?

A. Casa Completa Projects  has  a reputable, well established local firm. We employ only Craftsmen. We have also weathered one of the deepest recessions in modem times. You are offered a selection of references on request by way of details of past clients who would be happy to talk to you and give you an honest opinion of our work and service.

Q. We hear stories about builders who are unscrupulous and on completion of a job send in a massive account for extras.

A. It is true to say that 80 per cent of customers change their mind and ask for additional items of work to be carried out. Also, occasionally, items do crop up which cannot be foreseen by the contractor or the client.

We will always explain and discuss your options, together with costings.
These are conveyed to you in writing, thus keeping you abreast of your financial budget at any given time.

As testament to the way in which we conduct ourselves, 80 per cent of our clients return to us for further projects and maintenance.

Q. What back up do we have once work is complete and why do you have terms and conditions on the reverse of your quotation?

A. The terms and conditions are designed to give protection to both the client and ourselves. We operate under the moral code of conduct "fair and reasonable". We hope that our client will do the same. Once work is complete we stand by our work for any reasonable amount of time and have often returned to snag work or replace a defective item well in excess of the warranty period.

It takes many years to get a good reputation but it can be lost very quickly.

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